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CRT ONE V CB car radio


CRT ONE VOX smallest CB on the world..

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CRT ONE V CB car radio

CRT ONE V CB car radio

CRT ONE VOX smallest CB on the world..

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The new CRT One V CB radio with dimensions of 100 x 100 x 25 mm can still be considered the smallest CB radio on the market. Thanks to this, it can be placed anywhere in the car: on the armrest, dashboard or between the seats, without disturbing while driving.

4W emission power, AM/FM modulation

With a maximum emission power of 4 W, the station complies with applicable European regulations.

The CB CRT One V radio station enables communication in both types of bands: AM and FM. By changing the modulation and the standard (EU, PL, d, EC, U, In) you can use the station in all European countries.

The station is also equipped with a quick selector of emergency and infotraffic channels 9-19.

VOX function

Compared to the previous model, the CRT ONE, the upgraded version of the CRT ONE V offers users the VOX function that allows you to transmit only when a voice is detected without pressing the PTT key, leaving your hands free for full control of the machine.

Other features such as manual and automatic squelch, RF amplification, scan and key lock make this version the perfect companion for long journeys.

Technical data:

Main features:

  • Model: portable
  • Broadband Type: AM/FM
  • Channels: 40
  • Frequency: 26,965 - 27,405 MHz
  • Audio speaker power: 2W
  • Sensitivity (20dB SINAD): less than 1 µV AM/FM
  • Emission power: 4W
  • Feeding: 13.2V
  • Power consumption: max. second
  • Dimensions (W x H x H / Weight): 100 x 100 x 25 mm / 470 gr

Special features:

  • Channel scanning: yes
  • RF Gain: Yes
  • Query: Yes
  • Keyboard lock: Yes
  • Urgent Channel: Yes
  • VOX: Yes
  • Connections on the back panel
  • Additional speaker connection: Yes

The package includes:

  • - Radio station: Yes
  • - Microphone: Yes
  • - Radio station mounting bracket and screws: Yes
  • - Microphone holder and screws: Yes
  • - Power cord: yes
  • - Cigarette lighter plug: Yes
  • - User Manual: Yes
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